JOSENSE 医疗集团为订制年轻私人之旅的贵宾提供了全球首款基于云计算的 EYIeLHAMP 个人年轻管理系统,该系统将详细记录每一位贵宾的健康、抗衰、订制服务数据,在订制年轻私人之旅四大源邸以及 JOSENSE 全球服务网路任何时间,专业医师都可以为顾客申请查看。该系统会定时提醒私人医师贵宾订制服务后疗效释放和放缓的趋势走向及各个节点的时间,这样方便您的私人医师及时和您联系定期做保养和后期订制服务。

JOSENSE International Medical Corp provides the “Customizing the youth tour” VIPs with the world’s first cloud-based EYIeLHAMP individual youth management system, which will accurately record every VIP’s health, anti-aging and treatment data, which can be checked by the doctors for the customers in the four sources of “customizing the youth tour” and JOSENSE global service network at any time. The system will regularly remind the private physicians of the VIP’s after treatment efficacy releasing and slowing trend and time, so it’s convenient for your personal physician contact you on time to do maintenance and post-treatment.

EYIeLHAMP 个人年轻管理系统定期更新贵宾的订制服务进度,形成订制服务历史的纵对比,并针对订制方案的改进形成订制服务方案的横对比,进而实现顾客对美和健康的极致追求。

EYIeLHAMP individual youth management system regularly update VIP’s treatment schedule to form a longitudinal comparative treatment history, and a transverse contrast of treatment plan according to the improvement of customized solutions. Through the joint efforts of physicians and VIP customers, customers can realize the pursuit of extreme beauty and health.