这次,北京遇上的并非西雅图,而是坐落于清爽宜人的太平洋沿岸和比弗利山脚下的Los Angeles城中城,有着“全世界最尊贵住宅区”称号的Beverly Hills。

稍不留神,Los Angeles就恩赐你与国际明星擦肩而过的机会。山庄的罗迪欧大道,包含了所有南加州最名贵的店家,每一间名店都有其独特建筑风格,气派泱泱如美术馆,所有名牌珠宝与服饰在这里都能找到最华丽的展示场所。在这里,订制年轻私人管家全程侍奉,满足您的购物之乐。


订制年轻在美国的超奢华订制源邸是集年龄管理、健康监测、临床订制服务为一体的Beverly Hills第四订制服务中心,这里有世界顶级的血液检测系统,可检测人体100多项生理指标。专为订制年轻贵宾研发的INBODY衰老诊断系统,能检测到身体每个肢体器官的健康数据,让预防衰老的美梦照进了现实。

This time, Beijing doesn’t meet Seattle, but Beverly Hills located in Los Angeles, in the comfortable and pleasant Pacific coastal area and at the foot of Beverly Hill, with the title of ‘the most prestigious residential area”.

Beverly Hills maybe will give you the opportunity to brush with international stars. Rodeo Drive has the most well-known stores in Southern California, and each famous store has its unique architectural style, its magnificence like an art gallery, all famous brand jewelry and clothing have the most beautiful place to show on. Your personal butler will serve you all the way to meet your shopping pleasure.

If the largest Disneyland Park take you back to the joy of innocence, then the customizing the youth tour will take you back to the pure state without desire, experience the past dreams of youth.

The super luxurious source of the tour in the United States integrates age management, health monitoring with clinical treatment for Beverly Hills Fourth Treatment Center. There is a world top blood detection system which can detect more than 100 physiological indexes of human body. INBODY aging diagnostic system is specially researched and developed for our customizing the youth tour VIPs, which can detect the body health data of each body organ, and it realizes your anti-aging dream.


  • 上述行程及时刻表仅供参考,订制年轻美国合作机构保留因天气及路况等客观条件变化、根据实际情况对具体时间及行程路线和全程用餐做适当调整之权利。
  • 订制年轻出行团队对私人财产如护照、钱财等贵重物品不予负责,请妥善保存。
  • 订制年轻出行时间避免私自出行,需由订制年轻私人管家陪同。
  • The above itinerary and schedule is only for reference, American cooperation agency reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments of specific time, travel route and the whole meals, according to weather and road conditions and other objective conditions change.
  • We are not responsible for customizing the youth tour team’s private property, such as passport, money and other valuables, please keep properly.
  • During travel time you can’t travel alone, should be accompanied by your personal butler, if in an emergency, please contact personal butler timely.



出行须知 Travel Instructions

  • 时差:Beverly Hills与北京时差14个小时
  • 气候:Beverly Hills位于地中海型气候带,终年干燥少雨,只是在冬季降雨稍多。日夜温差较大,冬季日间气温经也有摄氏20度,夏季日间温度则常超越35度。
  • 衣着:订制年轻贵宾可着夏装,另自备一件外套。Beverly Hills独具特色的建筑和精品店非常多,有购物需求的贵宾可多带便装。
  • 日用品:护肤品、化妆品、太阳帽、太阳镜、防晒霜等为必备物品,如习惯引用热水,请自备电热水杯。
  • 电源:中国电器到美国需要用一个转换器,酒店前台可以借到。订制年轻贵宾如想方便,可自己带一个转换器。
  • Time difference: Beverly Hills city is in Los Angeles, there’s 14-hour time difference between its local time and Beijing time.
  • Climate: Beverly Hills is located in the Mediterranean climate area with mild climate. Generally dry and little rain all the year, only in the winter rainfall is a bit more, sunny all the year round. In addition there’s big temperature difference between day and night, hotter in the daytime, and the winter daytime temperature is about 20℃, summer daytime temperature is often over 35℃.
  • Clothing: VIPs can wear summer clothing with an extra coat. Because Beverly Hills is a hot tourism place where there is much distinctive architecture and boutiques, so if you have shopping demand, you can take some casual clothing convenient to go out.
  • When you dine in even-star AL MAHARA RESTAURANT, you must wear the clothing with a collar, no jeans permit. And you have to pay for mineral water and beverage.
  • Personal supplies: Skin care products, cosmetics, sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are necessary items, if you have the habit of drinking hot water, please bring your electric kettle.
  • Power supply: You need to use a converter when you use Chinese electrical equipment in the USA, you can borrow one from the hotel front desk. You can bring your own converter to avoid trouble.

美国入境须知 Entry Requirements

  1. 无论入境美国或从美国出境,只允许随身携带不超过100毫升的容器盛装的液体、凝胶体和气雾剂,并且必须放置于一个1升大小的拉边开盖的袋子中。
  2. 严禁携带刀具、动物、植物、种子、食物(肉类)和水果入境。
  3. 如果携带超过1万美元的现金进入美国必须申报,否则会被海关没收。
  4. 出入境时,不要乱说有关炸弹、恐怖主义的话题。
  1. Regardless of the entry into the United States or exit from the United States, you only can carry no more than 100ml liquids, gels and aerosols, and place in a 1 liter size of bag with open edge.
  2. It is forbidden to carry knives, animals, plants, seeds, food (meat) and fruit.
  3. If you carry more than $10,000 cash into the United States, you must declare, otherwise the money will be confiscated by the customs.
  4. When passing entry and exit, pay attention to your words and deeds; don’t talk about bombs and terrorism topics.

电话拨打方法 Making Calls

  1. Beverly Hills拨国内座机:0086+区号(不要区号前的0)+电话号码,如拨打北京座机 0086 10 12345678
  2. Beverly Hills拨国内手机:0086+手机号码
  3. 国内拨Beverly Hills座机:001+213+电话号码
  4. 国内拨打Beverly Hills手机:001+213+手机号码
  1. Dial Chinese telephone number in Beverly: 0086 + area code (without 0 before the area code) + phone number, for example, call Beijing number 00861012345678
  2. Dial Chinese mobile number in Beverly: 0086 + mobile number
  3. Dial Beverly telephone number in China: 001+213+ phone number
  4. Dial Beverly mobile number in China: 001+213+ mobile number