“这个世界有很多不可能,但Dubai正在把这些不可能变成可能。”二十年前的Dubai,黄沙滚滚,驼铃声声,少见行人;如今的Dubai,旧貌新颜,换了人间。在Dubai沙海参半之境中,全球奢侈大牌争相云集,让全球精英人士的心生向往。作为顶级品牌的一员,订制年轻以其非凡的抗衰科技融汇大师级的自然美学理念,在Dubai Burj Khalifa Tower不断创造年轻与美的旷世佳作。


“There are many impossibilities in the world, but Dubai is turning these impossibilities into possibilities.” 20 years ago, yellow rolling sand and camel bell everywhere in Dubai, but rare pedestrian. Nowadays, Dubai shows us a new look and changed the world. In the environment of sand and sea, all the global luxury brands gather here which fascinate the elites. As a member of the top brands, customizing the youth integrates its remarkable anti-aging technology with master natural aesthetic theory, at Burj Khalifa, Dubai, continually creating one by one masterpiece of youth and beauty.

Prosperous Persian Gulf, the vast desert sand, the mysterious Emirates Palace, quiet Jumeirah mosque, luxurious Burj Al Arab, Dubai Tower …When you come here, you finally know that science and technology is also a show of nature, once you integrate the city of miracle, you also integrate into nature. People live a luxury and dissipation life here, but it’s less desire than anywhere in the world. You will achieve a most gorgeous and to a tame state by the impact of constant luxury brands.


  • 上述行程及时刻表仅供参考,订制年轻 Dubai 合作机构保留因天气及路况等客观条件变化、根据实际情况对具体时间及行程路线和全程用餐做适当调整之权利。
  • 订制年轻出行团队对私人财产如护照、钱财等贵重物品不予负责,请妥善保存。
  • 订制年轻出行时间避免私自出行,需由订制年轻私人管家陪同。
  • The above itinerary and schedule is only for reference, Dubai cooperation agency reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments of specific time, travel route and the whole meals, according to weather and road conditions and other objective conditions change.
  • We are not responsible for customizing the youth tour team’s private property, such as passport, money and other valuables, please keep properly.
  • During travel time you can’t travel alone, should be accompanied by your personal butler, if in an emergency, please contact personal butler timely.



订制年轻Dubai私人之旅出行须知 Travel Instructions

  • 时差:Dubai时间与北京时间时差4个小时,如北京时间12:00,Dubai时间是上午8:00
  • 请妥善保管签证,离开Dubai时于机场出境柜台交回Dubai移民局官员, 丢失签证可能遭到罚款。
  • 气候:Dubai属于热带沙漠气候,阳光充沛,全年天空晴朗,防晒装备如太阳镜、宽沿帽、防晒箱是必备品,护肤品、化妆品请视自身需要携带;如习惯饮用热水,请自备电热水杯。
  • 衣着:订制年轻贵宾可着夏装,另自备一件外套,夜晚避免穿着暴露。
  • 7星餐厅(AL MAHARA RESTAURANT)用餐要求:用餐时一定穿有领子的衣服,不能穿牛仔裤,矿泉水、酒水自费。
  • 货币:当地的货币为迪拉姆(Dhs),辅币为菲尔(fil), 1迪拉姆等于100菲尔。1美元约等于3.67迪拉姆,1迪拉姆约合人民币2元。大商场通用迪拉姆和美元。
  • 电源:220/240伏,50赫兹,英制3向插头,中国电器需用一个转换器,酒店前台可以借到。
  • Time difference: There is four hours’ time difference between Dubai time and Beijing time. For example: Beijing time is 12:00, then Dubai time is 8:00.
  • Please properly keep your visas, when you leave Dubai return it to Dubai immigration officer, losing your visa may be fined.
  • Climate: Dubai is in the tropical desert climate zone, enough sunshine, sunny throughout the year. Sun screening items, such as sunglasses, sun hat and sunscreen box are necessary. Personal care products and cosmetics depend on your need. If you have the habit of drinking hot water, please bring your electric kettle.
  • Clothing: VIPs can wear summer clothing with an extra coat. At night, don’t wear too revealing or inappropriate clothing.
  • When you dine in even-star AL MAHARA RESTAURANT, you must wear the clothing with a collar, no jeans permit. And you have to pay for mineral water and beverage.
  • Currency: Local currency is dirham (Dhs), token coin is fils, and one dirham is equal to 100 fils. One dollar is equal to about 3.67 dirhams, and one dirham is equal to about 2 RMB. Big shopping malls generally accept dirhams and US dollars.
  • Power supply: 220/240V, 50Hz, three-prong plug, Chinese electrical appliances need to use a convertor and you can borrow one from hotel front desk.

电话拨打方法 Making Calls

  1. 迪拜拨国内座机:0086+区号(不要区号前的0)+电话号码,如拨打北京座机 0086 10 12345678
  2. 迪拜拨国内手机:0086+手机号码
  3. 国内拨迪拜座机:00971+区号+电话号码(不要区号前的0)
  4. 国内拨迪拜手机:00971+手机号码
  1. Dial Chinese telephone number in Dubai: 0086 + area code (without 0 before the area code) + phone number, for example, call Beijing number 00861012345678
  2. Dial Chinese mobile number in Dubai: 0086 + mobile number
  3. Dial Dubai telephone number in China: 00971 + area code + phone number (without 0 before the area code)
  4. Dial Dubai mobile number in China: 00971 + mobile number