订制年轻私人之旅是由Dubai JOSENSE 集团亚太区临床机构侯医生国际整形美容集团旗下QUARK YING TECH Ltd.(北京夸克英科技有限公司)面向全球精英人士推出的一项以订制旅游文化为依托,以生命健康、医学美容抗衰老订制、品质生活方式等为主体的高端服务项目。有着百年皇室家族传承历史的订制年轻私人之旅四大源邸,汇聚了全球极具影响力的100多位医学美容抗衰老专家、健康专家、形象艺术设计大师,品牌生活玩家等,拥有60多项独具创新引领世界的涵盖美容外科学、自然医学生命工程、未来抗衰老医学、人类未来健康医学、生物科技及信息工程等领域的高科技。

南非总统Mandela,Dubai酋长HAYA公主、Henry De Teding,著名好莱坞影星哈Mery Streep、Drew Barymore等众多皇室贵族、明星大牌都是订制年轻私人之旅的尊享人士。


Customizing the youth tour is a high-end medical service project held by Dubai JOSENSE International Medical Corp for the global elites, which is based on customizing tourism culture, life and health, medical cosmetic anti-aging custom-made, quality lifestyle, etc. The four sources for customizing the youth tour have 100 years royal family inheritance history. More than 100 most influential medical cosmetic anti-aging experts, health experts, image art design masters and brand life players in the world bring together for the project. We own more than 60 unique and innovative technologies covering cosmetic surgery, natural medicine life engineering, future anti-aging medicine, human future health medicine, biological technology and information engineering fields. Customizing the youth tour bases on peering, gathering, sharing and lasting eternal model, aiming to get close to nature, save life, prevent aging, enjoy life, and awaken the sense of pursuit of beauty which provides global elites with unprecedented VIP service. Many royal family members, famous stars are the VIPs of the customizing the youth tour, such as South Africa President Nelson Mandela, the chief of Dubai Emirates, Al Maktoum and Princess Haya. Sports stars: David Beckham and Mark Webber. Oil tycoons: Henri Deterding and Armand Hammer. The famous Hollywood stars: Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie.

In addition, JOSENSE International Medical Corp launches a yearly customizing the youth tour around the world. Wherever you go, there is a global service network providing sound anti-aging customizing and health tracking service. In order to be unique, each subject line is designed by more than 10 professional tour players with a unique perspective and original deep experience to enjoy the extraordinary customizing the youth tour.

Customizing the youth tour redefines the concept of “medical anti-aging beauty”, which makes people desire for being young, doctors dedicated to anti-technology, and artists challenge aesthetic. All of these can be realized in this unique and wonderful journey. This is the beginning of human future, also the end of endless.



增加生命的长度与厚度 • 为世界有影响的人缔造生命之美 Increase the length and thickness of life, Create the beauty of life for those who are influential in the world.


This is not just a journey, even if a journey, we will make it perfect, inventive, unrepeatable, as if we only live once, we can’t live it twice. So at some time who you are with, what you experience will become a lifetime experience that can’t change anymore. Let customizing the youth tour become an eternal memory shining in your life, always experience the beauty of nature and the beauty of life.

This is not just a cosmetic surgery, even if a surgery, we will keep improving, combine technology and art perfectly with a penitent heart as praying to god and professional faith to design beauty, explore it and refine it in order to show the beautiful inner temperament of the VIPs, and interpret their self-confidence and self-esteem, and the pursuit of personal value.

This is not just an experience, even if an experience, we are like-minded, we meet in the ultra energy platform of nature, and we have the honor to open a dialogue of life to life and heart to heart. Because we always believe that only rebirth of heart will light the bloom of life.



皇室成员 • 豪门名媛 • 影视明星 • 国际名模 • 商界精英 • 企业高层 • 公务高官 • 外交使节

有良好的经济基础 • 年收入2000万以上 • 有正当的职业和良好的财务资信 • 认同我们的私享宪章

We don’t like exposing ourselves to public, but we strive for excellence, we only create the beauty of life for the most influential people in the world. We aim to increase the length and and thickness of their life, because they are such a group of elites who love nature, advocate health, dream of being young, and have elegant taste and prestige. Our achievement is that they have been influencing the world…

Members of the royal family and noble family, film stars, international supermodels, Business elites, enterprise executives, Government officials, diplomats
Have good economic foundation, the annual income of 20 million or more.
Have a legitimate career and good financial credit.
Enjoy our private treatment charter.